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From my house the view of the Ten Mile Range is beautiful and since I take so many pictures of it, I decided to concentrate on the nearer beauty right on my deck. Not every species of flower likes a mountain summer but pansies and peonies seem to like it just fine.
Img2490.JPGOn Monday, August 10, 2009, Breckenridge celebrated it's 150th birthday. Founded on the banks of the Blue River, placer mining was reason for people to flock to town. Now it's the fantastic recreation opportunities and terrific scenery. For the birthday celebration, the mayor and several locals dressed in costumes from the miner era, and the scene couldn't help but make you think about how Breckenridge must have felt in the 1860s.

After speeches and games in the town park, everyone went down to the Gold Pan Saloon -- the oldest continuously operating bar west of the Mississippi River -- to eat cake and ice cream. At the Gold Pan you can get a brochure that gives you all the details of this famous place, modest and still a lot like it was when I first moved to town. Some things don't change that much.

The historical society has done a great job documenting Breckenridge History. You can visit their site at Breckenridge Heritage Alliance.
A new video about the history of the town was created specifically for the 150th anniversary and can be seen at the Visitors Center at 203 S. Main St. 



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