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aspens_Breckenridge.JPGEvery September, like clockwork, Summit County people start to say: it's been cold, the aspens are already turning. And then, it's not ever going to be winter, the aspens have barely turned. By the end of September, we still hope to see some of the scintillating yellow leaves still hanging onto the trees. We're not quite ready to give in to winter.

So this month of September is special. Beautiful. Grace. Glory. What adjective would you put on these photos?

Aspens turn

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DSC_1373.JPGFall colors:
The lion's share of tree color can be found in Breckenridge in September, and historically, the greatest number of real estate transactions close this month.

The weather is usually still mild, although there is always at least one snowstorm in September, but it melts fast. September is a great time to visit Summit County.


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