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view-Breckenridge-winter09.jpgThanksgiving, every year, is the first holiday in the season we can celebrate by going skiing. Sometimes there's a huge amount of snow on the mountain, but often there just enough that we all know it is really winter.

The atmosphere at the ski resort is usually excitement about the beginning of the season, so it's fun no matter what the conditions are like. Cross-country skiing or snowshoeing require less of a snow base, so if you're picky about your snow condition, this is a great early season alternative.
On Friday November 27th the "Shops on Old South Main" in Breckenridge at Adams Street and Main Street. Will host a dazzling moment that will take the breath away from locals and visitors as the night will be illuminated with approximately 10,000 Christmas lights all at once.

This half acre of historic group of shops featuring charismatic merchants have individually decorated each of there shops and will have refreshments, music and special offers from 5pm until 8pm.   

"The Shops at Old South Main" are comprised of 4 historic buildings, linked by a charming cobblestone walkway and an enchanting collection of shops that is reminiscent of the arcades at Piccadilly in London.

"The architecture of the entire area is adorable" says visitor Michelle Duggins as she meanders through the shops with her family.

The featured shops include Hand and Glove, a quaint boutique of more than 150 styles of gloves for fun, fashion and function, Ridge Street Wine & Breckenridge Cheese and Chocolates featuring Wine, Cheese and Chocolates of the world, Bloom's exquisite hand made soaps, The Photo Shop and gallery noted landscape and nature photographer Gary Soles, Treasure Junction unique jewelry and gifts from around the world, Summit Ski Museum Celebrating the first ski town in Colorado and the first 100 years of Skiing in Summit County.


For more information on this brilliant event please contact
Sheri Spurlock 970-453-0200


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