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Breckenridge-Coaster.jpgBreckenridge-Coaster-Map.jpgBreckenridge Ski Resort got the green light to build a Coaster ride near the base of Peak 8.  Approved by the planning commission earlier this month, the ride was approved by the town council on March 23. The resort plans to operate the coaster between the first of June and September 15, and from early November until mid April. The coaster is similar to the existing Alpine Slide, but will be made of steel track designed for individual cars. Unlike the Alpine Slide, the proposed Coaster's cars are propelled up the track to the beginning of the launch point, similar to a roller coaster. Participants are strapped into the individual cars and are able to control the speed of the decent.

The Coaster will consists of approximately 3,000 feet of steel track and will be located almost entirely in a stand of lodge pole pine trees that separate the Twister and Dyersville ski runs.

The ski resort has also asked the town for permission to run the gondola from town to Peak 8, to provide access to the summer activities park, this summer, during daylight hours. Breckenridge Resort hopes to run the gondola instead of driving buses up and down Ski Hill Road.

The gondola, however, passes over the Cucumber Gulch Open Space area that the town has been working hard to preserve as a wildlife-friendly dogleg of land near town. The town council was concerned about the gondola operations impacts on moose calving and bird habitat, especially in June. Two different biologists weighed in on the proposal at the March 23 council meeting, and the decision was postponed.  

Home for sale in the Highlands
sleeper-deal-mar-26.jpgThis incredible, brand-new property on the Breckenridge Golf Course is the insiders' deal of the week because it's under $2 million, brand new and built by a long-term local builder who know what he's doing.

Right on Highlands Drive it has one of the best addresses in Summit County, gorgeous views including the greens right out the door. Western sun and good solar exposure so the home will be warm and cozy and invite you in after a day of skiing or enjoying the country. Two master suites, one on the main floor and another upstairs, this price is a great price for the square footage. 
deal.jpgLocation, location, location. Walk across the river to Main Street Breckenridge, ski town 4 O'Clock run to your home. The bus stop is across the street, or walk a block to the gondola. This condo is an end unit with an extra window, upstairs -- nice view, included off-street parking away from the commercial parking for this condo / commercial complex.  This price in unbelievable and it's the only unit for sale in the building. $150,000

Smart Remodeling

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kitchen-remodel.jpgraebefore.jpgraeafter.jpgMy book club met at one of our long-time member's home this month and we were all got to experience the unveiling of her grand remodel. The house may be for sale soon, and my friend did some very smart things that should pay off in higher profits when it does sell.

She repaired the annoying things that just make a place look bad. Little ones -- smoke detectors that were hanging from their wires -- to very big ones -- completely upgraded the heating system which had had a problem. They replaced all the kitchen appliances, which was expensive, and painted the entire house will new looking warm colors -- which was no more expensive than a regular maintenance paint job. She replaced worn out carpet, but just cleaned the saltillo tile floor. And it look great. Similarly, she replaced the pinky toned doors and fronts of the kitchen cabinets with a clean, dark wood style, which was much cheaper than ripping out the countertops and redoing the cabinet boxes.

In the two pictures at the right, taken in the local TV cooking show, you can see the difference the remodel has made. From an old-school pink to to fresh new look.
The wood trim in the home isn't the newest style, but it is nice wide functional wood. All of this was refinished and bathrooms with very old faucets were replaced but not the ones that still looked good.  

This is smart remodeling. Everyone in the book club thought the home looked up to date, warm and inviting. Everything is functional and a buyer could move right in and not have a problem for a long time. Most of the Breckenridge real estate market is involves second home owners and very few want to come to town to a project. They don't know the local contractors, where to get supplies, who to trust and what is a good going rate so the homes for sale that sell, are the ones that are ready to go.

While this is extremely important when it comes to Breckenridge Homes for sale, it's true across the country.

According to Remodeling Magazine, if you update any bathroom that's 25 years old, with standard fixtures, add no additional space -- about $7,500 of cost -- and you can expect to see 75.1% of that reflected in the price you'll get at closing. Go full bore, for an upscale bathroom, say your spend about $23,000, chances are you'll get a little skinnier ROI -- 63.5% of the cost in the price your home fetches.
The magazine, which is trying to selling remodeling, encourages higher end kitchen re-dos. Upscale remodels that includes things like cherry, custom cabinets, stone counter tops and quality back splash, as well as high-end appliances will bring back 75.9% of the $51,000 price tag they estimated. A mid-range remodel that simply upgrades outdated appliances but improves traffic flow like the upscale one, will only give back 66.5% of the $28,000 it costs.

Refinishing a basement for about $12,000, they estimate will return 54.8% of the cot, and adding on a deck 41.5% of the modest $3,000 they estimate for a 16 x 20 foot deck made of composite material.

Breck-deal-march-2010.jpgThere are some deals on the market right now that only a long-time Breckenridge resident would notice, and since buyers are always, and particularly right now, looks for a great deal, I'd like to point out a property at a very good price in Spruce Valley Ranch.

The home is located at 31 Tarnwood, and the list price is $1,199,000. Lots alone are selling for $700,000 in this subdivision.

Spruce Valley Ranch is on the south side of Breckenridge and is a very quiet neighborhood of big lots and nice homes. This house is about 3,500 sq. ft on 2 1/4 acres. Step out the door and find access to the National Forest, hiking trails, cross-county ski trails, and a neighborhood equestrian center, groomed ski trail and a shooting range. Only five homes are on the market in this neighborhood and this is the lowest price. The next is being offered at almost $200,000 more. This one is a deal. 
deal-breck-real-estate-march.jpg2010 -- It's the year when real estate buyers are looking for a deal. And here's one in the Summit County Real Estate Market right on the Breckenridge Golf Course. It's a short sale. More than 4 thousand square foot of house on a half acre lot in the Highlands, is going for  $899,000. That's $200/sq. ft. and if sold, that will be the lowest sold price per square foot  low price of any property in the Highlands.

The current owners paid $1,225,000 for the property in 2003.  And the current assessed value is $1,333,789
according to the Summit County Assessors Office. The original list price was more than $1.5 million.

Vacant lots in the Highlands Golf Course subdivision are going for $250 to $350 thousand, which makes this list price look even more attractive.  The property looks out onto the golf course, has great views of the Ten Mile Range and nice interior features.  

March Moonset

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SkiRun-Moon-Banner.jpgMy brother took this great photo of the moon setting over the Ten Mile Range and the ski runs on Peak 8 at the Breckenridge Ski Resort. It's from the first part of March when the moon was nearly full.

I've added it to the photography site on Breckenridge Mountain Realty called Views from my Deck.

I've learned that a full moon rises at about the same time the sun sets and set about the same time the sun rises. The next one will be the 29 of March if anyone is planning a late season full moon cross-country ski trip.
Jan_Romp.jpgMarch 6, 2010
This Saturday was the day to Romp to Stomp out Breast Cancer. romp_group.jpgRomp_Summit.jpg

It's a fun event -- dressing up in weird attire with a bunch of friends. I was one of 15 members of Team Kaleidoscope, and we were some of the best dressed women in our pink hats. A nice pair of sunglasses, this year, was obviously de rigueur.

There were more than 2,300 participants all dressed in some kind of pink. Often people will wear the name of someone who they are walking in memory of, or in support of, and it's pretty powerful. On our team alone there are four breast cancer survivors. One woman wore her support of another woman on the front of her outfit, and on the back it said '22-year survivor'. That's inspiring. It's been nine years for me.

The romp is so fun because it's one big chat fest, there are tons of people on the trail so there is no rush, we're strolling along with plenty of opportunity to talk. This year, the weather couldn't have been better for it. 

And the trail is beautiful. Frisco has been clearing trees killed by the Pine Beetle in a significant way and it's amazing how much this has improved the views to Buffalo Mountain, Mt. Royal and all the peaks surrounding the Frisco Nordic Center.

The snow on the trails was very firm and there was hardly any need to strap on the snowshoes, although they do make a much more impressive stomp than just a pair of hiking boots. It's very nice of the Tubbs snowshoe company to sponsor the event.

Being there for a great cause, it the best reward. I'd guess more than 200 people volunteer to help with the event. I helped at one of the many registration sites in the morning, and more volunteers were handing out water, making pancakes and coffee for the free breakfast, driving shuttle buses, helping with parking and others cleaned up afterward so that all the proceeds can go to eliminating breast cancer.  Seventy-five percent of all the funds raised stay with the local Colorado affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a foundation that provides grant funds to Summit County non-profits that offer services to women with breast cancer and provide prevention and educational support.  

Organizers said the event topped $100,000, which was raised last year. Donations are still coming in and final numbers aren't available yet.

Gondola ride.jpg
Ski Hill Road is a big gently winding road up to Peak 8 of the Breckenridge Ski Area. If you walk up this road to Shock Hill, and then on to the ski resort you feel you're gaining elevation.

When you ride the gondola from its base near City Market and downtown Breckenridge, it goes straight up Shock Hill, and it gives a great view of town and Baldy Mountain on the east side of the Blue River Valley.

This is only the third full ski season since the gondola's gone in, so it's still a bit of a novelty. And pretty.

At the top end of the gondola, you're at the base of Peak 8 and have the option to ride either the Rocky Mountain or the Colorado super chair lift.  Both carry you up to the top of this peak, and from there you can get just about anywhere in the Breckenridge Ski resort.

On a warm spring day, the possibilities seem endless.

Snow Halfpipe

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Snowboarder-one-half-pipe.jpgIf you've been watching the Winter Olympics you appreciate the beauty of the big snow forms that ski resorts make so that athletes like Shawn White can entertain us. The half pipe on Peak 8 at the Breckenridge Smaller-SkiLift.jpgSki Resort is just one of those beautiful animals.

This is the view of the pipe from the Breckenridge Gondola.

Late February snows have made the conditions ideal.

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