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mama-&-kit.jpgmama-w3-kits.jpg2-kits-playing.jpgmama-fox snow2-kits-1.jpgWildlife on Main Street

Here are some recent pics snapped over the last four days of the Mama Fox and her three kits. The photos were taken near my office at about 8 a.m. Sunday morning. 

The mama is very diligent, but she sure as hell picked a rotten spot to whelp a bunch of pups.  The third kit, the runt, was out this morning ready for a photo shoot.  In the group shot, below, the runt is the little one on the left. It is a bit smaller and a whole lot more scared.  It keeps running back to the burrow entrance next to this old red shack where people park their cars not 4-feet away from the den entrance.

Hiking on the ski area in the summer, I always count on seeing foxes. I've also seen them run through neighborhoods right in town.  But this sighting, well I guess this is really a sign of SPRING in the mountains.

Snow may still be falling, the highway may get clogged up with people who have removed their snow tires, but nature keeps right on schedule.

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