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mountana-linda.jpgFor the Fifth of May a new restaurant opened in Breckenridge on Ridge Street, next door to Fatty's and across from Angels Hollow. La Montana Linda, run by a mother and daughter team, is located in a building that was one of the three beverage points in the old Devil's Triangle.

La Montana is muy linda outside with a great sunny deck right on Ridge Street. And great green chili. Start with a daily special breakfast burrito, then take New Mexico style enchiladas for lunch - or dinner. The restaurant's open all day and has a full bar.

The nice thing this time of year is that Montana Linda is open at all. Everyday from 8 am. to 10 pm.

And the breakfast burritos are great. Everything you want in a huevos rancheros except the beans and it's a dollar cheaper. The homefries are good, the tortillas are fresh (not as fresh as homemade, but fresh) and did I already say the green chili is excellent? The beans are the red-beige mound that I usually avoid.  But - the green chili is excellent.

Our server -- the daughter of the team -- offered to smother my burrito in mild or hot, and so, of course, I chose hot, but my guests who want to try everything had both. More chopped green chilis were added to mine. It was hotter but not less flavorful. The breakfast burrito came with green chili inside and smothering the top.

Montana Linda gives me a shiver of nostalgia. I could see a little homesickness for the old Devil's Triangle on the faces of the old timers on the bar stools.

I'm going back for the promised enchiladas.

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