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Spring in Breckenridge.

April 2010 109.jpgApril 2010 110.jpgThey used to call it Mud Season. That's being generous.

Mud is around when it's nice enough to melt. April and May storms -- after the ski resort closes -- seem so redundant.

Everyone -- no matter where they live -- knows the feeling: we appreciate the moisture when it rains, or in our case snows, but really long for, can't wait to feel some, might plan a vacation soon to find some warm sunshine.

Just a little reminder to appreaciate the days hiking in the mountains, riding bikes and getting on the water. It seems so far away when the view from my deck is non existent and the icicles are hanging low and dirty with debris the wind picked up from dust storms in Arizona.

Time to pick up a good book.

March Moonset

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SkiRun-Moon-Banner.jpgMy brother took this great photo of the moon setting over the Ten Mile Range and the ski runs on Peak 8 at the Breckenridge Ski Resort. It's from the first part of March when the moon was nearly full.

I've added it to the photography site on Breckenridge Mountain Realty called Views from my Deck.

I've learned that a full moon rises at about the same time the sun sets and set about the same time the sun rises. The next one will be the 29 of March if anyone is planning a late season full moon cross-country ski trip.
From my house the view of the Ten Mile Range is beautiful and since I take so many pictures of it, I decided to concentrate on the nearer beauty right on my deck. Not every species of flower likes a mountain summer but pansies and peonies seem to like it just fine.


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