Snow Sculptures Progress

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From the last post you can see how the forms help volunteers create the giant blocks of snow the Town of Breckenridge makes for the annual snow sculpture competition. 

From these 10x10x12 foot tall blocks have the look of marble, but carve like a hard block of ice cream. The temperatures in Breckenridge are so cold at night in January that the quality of our snow is some of the best in the world for snow sculpture. It's hard and consistent because it's man-made with the help of Breckenridge Ski Resort.

When the weather is sunny, the sculptures need to be protected from sun and melting during the work week, which accounts for the spinikers and other flying colors.

Artists come with their own tools which include floor scrapers, big razor blades, chains, spades, chisels, and cheese graters.

Often, they are working from a three dimentional model that they are trying to create on a big scale.

The final details are added on the last night, Friday, when everyone usually works late into the dark. The competition ends at noon on Saturday, and the awards are announced later in the day.

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