Ullr Parade

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2010 Parade to Start Any MinuteUllr2010.jpg

Under cloudy skies, people started flocking to Main Street to the 2010 Ullr Ullr & beyond 094.jpgParade just after 4 p.m. Although that is the scheduled time for the parade's start, everyone knows that it's just the moment everyone must start thinking about how and when they should chant:  OOH-LUR, OOH-LUR. And the late start just means someone can't find their Viking horns, or their fur-covered WonderWoman Amazon Bra.

Since I have an office on Main Street, and a great view of the parade that will be heading down it any minute, I invited folks in from the cold and we started celebrating at 3, so we'd be sure to be ready when it does eventually start. If you're view isn't as good, you can watch it from my webcams pages: Real Breck Views.

Of course, we have tome to wonder what treats are in store: floats with a ski jump, floats with too few articles of clothing for our climate, some great political jokes, or something entirely new?


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