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mama-&-kit.jpgmama-w3-kits.jpg2-kits-playing.jpgmama-fox snow2-kits-1.jpgWildlife on Main Street

Here are some recent pics snapped over the last four days of the Mama Fox and her three kits. The photos were taken near my office at about 8 a.m. Sunday morning. 

The mama is very diligent, but she sure as hell picked a rotten spot to whelp a bunch of pups.  The third kit, the runt, was out this morning ready for a photo shoot.  In the group shot, below, the runt is the little one on the left. It is a bit smaller and a whole lot more scared.  It keeps running back to the burrow entrance next to this old red shack where people park their cars not 4-feet away from the den entrance.

Hiking on the ski area in the summer, I always count on seeing foxes. I've also seen them run through neighborhoods right in town.  But this sighting, well I guess this is really a sign of SPRING in the mountains.

Snow may still be falling, the highway may get clogged up with people who have removed their snow tires, but nature keeps right on schedule.

March Moonset

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SkiRun-Moon-Banner.jpgMy brother took this great photo of the moon setting over the Ten Mile Range and the ski runs on Peak 8 at the Breckenridge Ski Resort. It's from the first part of March when the moon was nearly full.

I've added it to the photography site on Breckenridge Mountain Realty called Views from my Deck.

I've learned that a full moon rises at about the same time the sun sets and set about the same time the sun rises. The next one will be the 29 of March if anyone is planning a late season full moon cross-country ski trip.
Gondola ride.jpg
Ski Hill Road is a big gently winding road up to Peak 8 of the Breckenridge Ski Area. If you walk up this road to Shock Hill, and then on to the ski resort you feel you're gaining elevation.

When you ride the gondola from its base near City Market and downtown Breckenridge, it goes straight up Shock Hill, and it gives a great view of town and Baldy Mountain on the east side of the Blue River Valley.

This is only the third full ski season since the gondola's gone in, so it's still a bit of a novelty. And pretty.

At the top end of the gondola, you're at the base of Peak 8 and have the option to ride either the Rocky Mountain or the Colorado super chair lift.  Both carry you up to the top of this peak, and from there you can get just about anywhere in the Breckenridge Ski resort.

On a warm spring day, the possibilities seem endless.

Snow Halfpipe

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Snowboarder-one-half-pipe.jpgIf you've been watching the Winter Olympics you appreciate the beauty of the big snow forms that ski resorts make so that athletes like Shawn White can entertain us. The half pipe on Peak 8 at the Breckenridge Smaller-SkiLift.jpgSki Resort is just one of those beautiful animals.

This is the view of the pipe from the Breckenridge Gondola.

Late February snows have made the conditions ideal.
Resort-Brokers-crawdad-Mardi-Gras-float.jpgAs the sun goes down and everyone comes of the mountain, another one of Breckenridge's great Main Street parade got under weigh for Mardi Gras. Just like Bourbon Street, says the Resort-Brokers-crawdads-in-pot.jpgBreckenridge Resort Chamber, just at 9,600 ft.


Mardi-Gras-Breckenridge-Parade.jpgYes, there were some people feeling the altitude as they climbed on top of 14 different floats and whooped and hollared throwing out beads all the way down Main Street.

Resort Brokers, my Breckenridge real estate office, was one of the celebrants, and you can find us in the crawdad pot. Yes, that's us Realtors in the Red.

If you'd like more information about all the event in Breckenridge go to the Breckenridge Resort Chamber website, but don't just click on events. Here's a secret place that gives you more information to the Calendar of Events for everything Breckenridgian. Breckenridge-Mardi-Gras-Parade.jpg


Up Peak 8

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Snow lasts longer at high altitude. So, while new snowfalls have been coming down in inches not feet this winter, the conditions are very good on Peak 8 as you can see from these photos.

January is a great month to ski because the mountain is less crowded than it was during the holidays and often the weather is glorious. As you can also see from these photos. The sun shines, and there's not a cloud in the sky. Mornings and night can be very cold, but by mid day the temperature is easy to be out in.

Ullr Parade

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2010 Parade to Start Any MinuteUllr2010.jpg

Under cloudy skies, people started flocking to Main Street to the 2010 Ullr Ullr & beyond 094.jpgParade just after 4 p.m. Although that is the scheduled time for the parade's start, everyone knows that it's just the moment everyone must start thinking about how and when they should chant:  OOH-LUR, OOH-LUR. And the late start just means someone can't find their Viking horns, or their fur-covered WonderWoman Amazon Bra.

Since I have an office on Main Street, and a great view of the parade that will be heading down it any minute, I invited folks in from the cold and we started celebrating at 3, so we'd be sure to be ready when it does eventually start. If you're view isn't as good, you can watch it from my webcams pages: Real Breck Views.

Of course, we have tome to wonder what treats are in store: floats with a ski jump, floats with too few articles of clothing for our climate, some great political jokes, or something entirely new?

At the Breckenridge Resort Chamber breakfast Wednesday, the 9th, Rob Katz, the CEO of the Breckenridge Ski Resort, said the resort has been upping its attention to customer service. They have steadily been improving the quality of the experience guests have at the resort. He feels that their efforts have helped many visitors become long-term visitors. That's good news for locals and visitors.

On Saturday night, the 5th of December the annual Lighting of Breckenridge was beautiful. The town pairs with Christmas lights like ballet does with The Nutcracker, like Bordeaux and chocolate. Like wood works in mountains architecture, like warm goes with fireplace, which is what I was in front of on the night of the Lighting this year. Next year. This link to the Breck. Resort Chamber will help us all remember -- Lighting of Breckenridge.

The temperature this week and last have been brutal. The good news is that we only have a week or so of below zero days all winter season, so by Christmas will surely have used them all up.

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